Shared cockpit plugin for X-Plane flight simulator


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The trial version of the plugin is the best option to test existing aircraft configurations and connection stability.


SmartCopilot 4

Next level of shared cockpit experience for your favorite flight simulator

One click connection expirience

By creating the user accounts and adding people to the friend list, the connection becomes as simple as a Skype call

Automatic config file selection

The new version will select and download config files from the cloud without manual copying them to the aircraft directory.

Relay servers worldwide

Dedicated relay servers worldwide bring the connection success ratio to 100%.

New config file format

YAML-based config files describe more complicated synchronization algorithms compared to the INI format.

Three dedicated control sections

Control-Release logic could be divided into three dedicated parts. I.e., the PNF could request throttle control, whereas the flight control remains by the PF.

Additional crew members

More than two people can join the shared flight in full or observer mode.

New pricing model

Starting with SmartCopilot 4, we introduce a subscription-based pricing model with a free evaluation period.

Trainer licenses

We introduce flexible trainer licenses, allowing the pilot schools to provide free SmartCopilot access to their students.

Pricing Plans

Start using SmartCopilot for free, then select most appropriate subscription option if happy!


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The trainer license allows connection with unsubscribed users

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